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School Troops


I know my letters!


I know my numbers 1-20!


I know my phone number!

I know my letter sounds!


I can blend words!


I can count to 30 by ones!


I can add my numbers to 10!


I can subtract from 10!


I know my days of the week!

I know my months of the year!

I know my birthday!

I know my address!


I know my rhyming words!


I can tie my shoes!

I know my 2D shapes!

I know my 3D shapes!


I can count backwards from 20!

I know my beginning sounds!


I know my middle sounds!




I know my ending sounds!


I know my money!

I can write my name!


I know my time!

I can write my numbers 0-20!

I know my syllables!

  • Dia / mond   2

I know my patterns!

I know my colors!

I can write my letters!

I know my sight words!

I know my data displays!

These are all the "badges" your child will be working towards earning by the end of the year!!  *These are most of the report card requirements as well as a few extra.  Several badges have already been earned.  Be sure to ask your child which badges they have earned!! :)  (They are all really excited about this!!)

Get 2 Months for $5!